Quality Control

Quality control describes the directed use of testing to measure the achievement of a specified standard. Quality control is a formal use of testing.

Quality control means first setting a standard and then testing anything which you want to test and see if this particular thing works or else fails.

Consider the difference between a test as an event and a test as a part of a system. For example, let's say our test is the measurement of your ability to assemble a jigsaw puzzle in one hour. We test you today, and you complete the puzzle in fifty-eight minutes, so you pass. but say that there is some need in your life requiring you to solve puzzles quickly: we tested you once, but we must sverify that you can meet this weird requirement continually over time. The solution is to test you at regular intervals, which will allow us to see if you can still be successful when under stress, when you haven't slept, when your workload is high -- our quality control approach to this issue says "you must finish puzzle in one hour or less" and "we will test this requirement periodically over time". And as a side effect of this quality control testing, you might find that you are more likely to improve in your puzzle solving skills because of the repeated practice; this is the beginning of a shift to quality assurance.

If you prefer the short list, you need to establish a quality control program if:

  • you are working as part of a team that is building and/or maintaining a big web site, and your responsibility is for testing, quality control, or quality assurance
  • you are delivering a site to a customer, i.e., YOU are the contractor
  • you are receiving site code from a contractor, agency, or technology partner

Many web developers and designers out there do not pay attention to the dynamics of search engine operations or the finer nuances of marketing. Many of the sites are designed around stock templates and end up looking similar to other websites in the same space. The sites do not gel with the image that an organization may be trying to project. Some of the web developers cut corners and if caught, their dishonesty could get your website blacklisted. You end up paying high prices for a site that probably does your business no good.

We at Ikon Infosystems test your web site from different parameters be it the design, content management, style, graphics or anything else. Every link is looked upon carefully.

Care is also taken about the loading speeds , testing is done on different browsers, testing for suspicious tags. We also ensure that the web site has been optimized for Google search criteria. We ensure that the best finished product is handed over to the client and just not just a bunch of web pages.

Once the web site passes the first phase then we see whether the site is able to perform upto the much needed service under stress. Sometimes the functionality becomes more important than the look of the web site. If the functionality suffers because of the heavy graphics and animation then we suggest to reduce them. We also check to see the performance of the web site in Mozilla and Internet explorer and other uncommon web browsers also. Last but not the least we also check the source code of the web site that everything has been done right.

The Third Phase is much bigger than the above phases, We design your web site in such manner so that it delivers the right kind of impression and message which you are aiming for.

Some serious people do not like animation too much. As they consider animation as a subject of distraction. So we try to limit flash animation on your web site keeping in mind what kind of visitors can visit your web site.

We are always in interaction with our clients be it during the designing process or after the designing process is over and the site is successfully loaded on internet.. We constantly remain in touch with our clients not only during the designing process but also after the web site goes live on internet.

If the web site experience any technical difficulty in smooth running we provide 24*7 hours online/telephonic support.

We are just one phone call away.

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