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Software Designing and Development For Embassies

Under the concept of Electronic Embassy (E-Embassy) the following softwares have been designed to assist the functioning of Embassies.


Customer Relationship Management: 

This software maintains information which is useful on a daily basis. It maintains a list of Diplomatic Missions, Media Communication , List of companies and Industrial Groups.

Detail about cultural area of Kenya like writers , directors , Musical Groups, Sponsors,  Cultural MOU’s , Cultural Agreements, Political Cultural Institutions.

Details of Commerce like a list of Agro Indian Companies, Mining and Manufacturing Companies, Services in Companies , MOU’s , Fairs in India.

Details of Education like a list of Universities in India, Education and Training.

Details about daily correspondences which are received from outside can also be maintained and an alert can also be generated if a reply is not issued within a due course of time.

At the end different reports can be generated and printed. Reports can also be exported to MSWord and MS Excel.

Other features can also be added as per the requirement


 E-Administration:  (Click here for presentation) 

This software automates the daily functioning of embassy. In this a document  received by an officer/diplomat from any outside company or ministry or even if any document needs to be circulated internally can be scanned through a scanner & under its scanned image remarks, receiving officer, file no.  Company’s name, name of the officer to whom it needs to be send, date of document received, current date etc can be entered.
This way the document will automatically be routed to the concerned officer by the software. Now no need to deliver the document physically by hand which will save time. Different reports can also be generated.   

Other features can also be added as per the requirement


E-Student Management: (Click here for presentation)

 Under this concept the entire detail of the student who come to INDIA on student visa is maintained. Their permanent details like their home country as well as their educational details, personal details can also be recorded. Their current details like their current address, university details in which they have taken admission. The duration of visa, visa details etc. can also be recorded. Different alerts along with different reports can also be generated.

Other features can also be added as per the requirement 


Accounting Software : (Click here for presentation)

 This software assists in managing the funds at the embassy. It automatically converts the amount received in dollars to Indian rupees.
It records the different expenses under their respective heads. It records different expenses like salaries, travel & conveyance, rent, miscellaneous, petty expenses. It also records daily bank
transactions, amount paid in bank & amount withdrawn from the banks so that at the end of the month/year cash and bank balances can be tallied.
Different reports like daily expenses, weekly expenses can be shown in a report form. Income through cash collected for visa fee can also be maintained. Different reports can also be generated.

Other features can also be recorded as per the requirement.


Visa Management Software: (Click here for presentation)

It automates the entire process of Visa generation. This software can be used for printing on the Visa by computer printer. It handles all the details concerning visa rejected, visa issued, visa pending and different report can be  generated. In case a passport is black listed then the software generates and alert which does not allow issuing the visa to the black list passport? A report showing black listed passports (person to who visa cannot be issues as he has lost his passport) can also be generated.
Back up on a CD can  also be taken. Record of visa spoiled. Report on visa issued between a specific periods of time. A passport Holder’s transaction with the embassy. Search option by name, passport number

Other features can also be added as per the requirement.


Stock Management: (Click here for presentation)

This system caters to the need of managing and recording the assets  like furniture and other stock present at the embassy and at the residence of diplomats. This software helps generate the different reports as per the need. It also takes into account the depreciation charged on them.
It also provides a provision of adding new assets discarding the worn out assets. Other required reports can also be generated. It also generates a list of the assets and helps in maintaining the sale and purchase of the assets.

Other details as per the requirement can also be added.  


Employee Management & Salary Slip generation:(Click here for presentation)

The most important software solution is Pay Slip generation software which prints the net salary after making all the additions and deductions as per the requirement.
It manages all the professional and other details of the employees or diplomats. It also generates a salary slip which shows the detail of monthly salary received including the calculations for provident fund etc.Other required reports can also be generated.

Other features can also be added as per the need.


Vehicle Management: (Click here for presentation)

It handles the various details of the vehicles right from the time of purchase or import till it is disposed off. The software is able to generate complete vehicle report including date of purchase, details of make, accidents suffered, repair and    maintenance charges, current value petrol consumed insurance details. The system also maintains alerts for service due premium due dates. It is also able to calculate profit/loss and depreciation in case vehicle was sold. Other reports can also be generated.


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