Web Site Designing and Development For Embassies


The main highlight of our service is designing a web site which records black listed passport and other features as per requirement. There will be one central administrator say in the home country who will assign rights to the diplomats/officers (in different countries) to access the web site.

A person with a valid user id and a password can access this site. If a passport holder has lost his passport then visa cannot be issued to him on the same passport by any of the embassies of the home country located in different countries. So the passport holder’s name and address will be uploaded on the site, along with authorized officer’s name and the country in which the officer has made the change along with the timestamp. 

All the other embassies located in other countries can log in and access the corresponding information of the lost passport. With its help, manual intervention can be minimized as the web site can be accessed by the concerned officer’s / diplomats staying in any country.

Till now this passport black list is circulated manually to the embassies in other countries which consumes a lot of time. But now everything will be automated and done instantly by this web site. With the help of this site any other information from the head office to the other embassies and from one embassy to other embassy can also be circulated at ease.

Our Web Services for Embassies include:

Domain Name Registration
Web Site Designing
Web Site Development

Web Site Hosting

Web sites are useful for embassies due to the following reasons:(List is not exhausitive)

Trade Promotion:
Embassies need web site to promote international trade where they can display their countries specialties and attract big industries to invest in their country. Web site are the best to do it.

Investment opportunities present in the home country can be shown on the web site. What are the banking procedures, Business hours, Land area , Potential areas to invest like agriculture, Hydro resources, mega projects with great potentials but with no funds.

Tourism Promotion:

Every country is dependent upon tourism which forms a share in its national income. So web site is a good source to promote tourism. Useful facts , Travel Guide of a country, Accommodation, currency rate of exchange can be shown on a web site which can prove to be very useful.

Visa Information

If after knowing the useful facts an individual or a company wishes  to visit the  country as tourist or to invest then it needs a visa to be stamped on the passport. For this it has to contact Embassy or a consulate. All the requirements for business or tourist visa with the timings can be given on the web site. Visa form can also be downloaded from the web site.

Web site Categories

Web Site Designing (Static)
Dynamic Web site (Dynamic)

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